Friday, December 08, 2017

Synchromystic of the Year 2017: David Charles Plate

Today is December 8, 2017.

In 1980, it was on December 8, at the Dakota, that John Lennon was assassinated. Lennon's murder caused an outpouring of grief around the world on an unprecedented scale. Lennon had been killed by a former believer in UFOs, Mark David Chapman. Lennon's death resulted in at least three fans dying by suicide. America changed a bit after that assassination, as it did after JFK, RFK, and MLK were struck down.

On this date in 1861, Georges Méliès, the French actor, director, producer, and screenwriter, was born; his A Trip to the Moon (1902) and The Impossible Voyage (1904), foreshadowed and influenced fantasy science fiction films.

Today is also the birthdays of Diego Rivera (1886), Maximilian Schell (1930), David Carradine (1936), Jim Morrison (1943), and Sinéad O'Connor (1966). In 2016, on December 8, John Glenn died.

The syncs are there. We just have to have our eyes wide open. In 1981 (as noted on Facebook) or 1971 (it's one of those social media "alternative facts"), David Charles Plate was born on December 8. (The date has some personal significance to me, as well: On December 8, 1985, my father died at the age of 64.)

David Charles Plate during his birthday, three years ago, indicating he may be 46, not 36, in 2017.

December 8, 2017

I'm announcing the Synchromystic of the Year 2017: David Charles Plate, today. It seems like the appropriate date.

Plate has been riding a comet this year. I have been watching this individual produce amazing works worth diving deeply into for some time, as we all partake of a bit of his stream-of-consciousness thinking and fish for his thoughtful insights.

William Morgan shares with me that "the sheer amount of work [David Charles Plate] has done this year is absolutely astounding."

Alan Abbadessa Green feels Plate has "certainly been the most prolific this year" among many active synchromystics.

David Charles Plate is a synchronicity filmmaker, artist, and an authority in Hebrew Kabbalah. He is a student of the Zohar and the Occult. He notes, in his Facebook profile, that he has worked, in the past, at Ultramat and Metavinyl, and now at Picture Appeal, The Sync Book and Gonzo Journalism. He lives in Santa Cruz, and is from Santa Cruz, California. Maybe he has, maybe he hasn't.

Like a lot of synchromystics, finding a biography or even a bibliography of Plate's works is difficult. Perhaps posting this will reveal a list I was not able to find, and I'll update this. In the meantime, let's look at the number one recent item that is drawing a lot of attention and praise.

A major work that has inspired others is Sorry Cassandra I Misunderstood: EVERYTHING PREDICTS 9-11.

David Charles Plate wrote somewhere once: "My close friend [Joe Alexander] produced a film called Back to the Future Predicts 9-11, this is both a response to this video of his, as well as its sequel."

The film (7 hrs, 36 minutes, 11 seconds in length) is introduced with the following:
This film was a collaborative effort on the part of many researchers working in the field of synchronicity and 'high weirdness,' uncovering anomolies that could be called impossible in their implications, yet demonstrably true regardless. One intention of this project is simply to share our discoveries with those open minded individuals who recognize and appreciate our documentation and get some degree of the joy from its reception as we do in its delivery. It is in the nature of this research that various media be utilized to convey one's findings, there simply is no other way; therefore, it is our hope (and quite literally our prayer) that its ultimate purpose and significance be acknowledged and accepted by whosoever determines what is permissible through this platform in regard to copyright, seeing as how this is non profit research, despite its uncoventional form, which we assure you is the way it is specifically to encourage insight on the part of the viewer, rather than compartmentalizing what is being presented in a more traditional analytic way. This film centers mainly around Back to the Future, the band ABBA, Stanley Kubrick, the 1980 film The Visitors/Artificial Intelligence, The Walk, 9-11, and the 2 biggest hotel fires that have occurred in U.S. history: The Winecoff fire of 1946 in Atlanta Georgia and the MGM Grand fire of 1980 in Paradise Nevada, the 2nd of which happened to occur the day and year The Visitor was released in the U.S. while the location of the 1st can be seen in one of the opening shots of said film. This project was inspired by extensive studies in the Zohar and years of translating ancient Kabbalistic texts from Hebrew and Aramaic with a Rabbi. When these studies were applied to the goings on in the world at large, the following is what had emerged out of this. This film took well over a year to arrange, though many, many years to actually develop; it is dedicated to the band ABBA; it is therefor this writer's wish that it somehow makes it to them (of course I realize this potential outcome to be highly unlikely, but as this work itself demonstrates, stranger things have certainly happened, no doubt). For more experimental sync films, podcasts, etc. visit our website.

Plate engages in art, film, and music creations that draw connections among various elements of modern culture (movies, music lyrics, historical happenings and esoteric knowledge). He also finds connections that could be coming from the "collective unconscious mind," and between occult knowledge (i.e. esoteric fraternities, cults and secret rituals), politics and mass media. 

We look forward to his synchroworks in the forthcoming years. (And watch this space to see what sync mug award he will receive.)

This is one of his art pieces entitled Eyes Wide Shut.

David Charles Plate also does his fair share of podcasts.

Synchromystics of the Year

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Aztec School Shooting

Aztec High School is a public high school in Aztec, New Mexico. The school colors are Black and Orange and the mascot is the fighting Tiger.

Aztec (Navajo: Kinteel) is a city and county seat of San Juan County, New Mexico, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 6,763. The Aztec Ruins National Monument is located on the north side of the city. Located within the city limits of Aztec, the Aztec Ruins National Monument is a UNESCO World Heritage site managed by the National Park Service. Visitors are allowed to take a self-guided tour through the ruins of the main roomblock and restored Great Kiva.

Aztecs conducting human sacrifices, as shown in the Codex Magliabechiano

On the morning of December 7, 2017, the San Juan County Sheriff's Department responded to an active shooter on campus. The New Mexico State Police confirmed that two students were killed by the gunman, who died as well. 

Audio files uploaded to Broadcastify by San Juan County General Dispatch caught the first few minutes of the incident. A law enforcement officer can be heard saying, "I think officers were shooting out the windows to get inside" as alarms are going off in the background.

According to The Washington Post, fifteen others were injured. It was not immediately clear if the shooting happened inside the school, who was suspected of firing the shots, and what condition the injured were in. 

Lt. Kyle Lincoln reported the clearing of the building and the searching of the school.

The Aztec, New Mexico, UFO incident (sometimes known as the "other Roswell") was a flying saucer crash alleged to have happened in 1948 in Aztec, New Mexico. The story was first published in 1949 by author Frank Scully in his Variety magazine columns, and later in his 1950 book "Behind the Flying Saucers". In the mid 1950s, the story was exposed as a hoax fabricated by two confidence men, Silas M. Newton and Leo A. Gebauer as part of a fraudulent scheme to sell supposed alien technology. Beginning in the 1970s, some Ufologists resurrected the story in books claiming the purported crash was real. In 2013, an FBI memo claimed by some Ufologists to substantiate the crash story was dismissed by the bureau as "a second- or third-hand claim that we never investigated."

For more on the Aztec Incident, see Andrew Griffin's review of a book about the case

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Mothman Math: Dates, Disasters, and Deaths

"Mothman Math" is the underlying bits of twilight language that entwine numbers, prophecy, and the evil events that haunt the fabric of Mothman-related interactions. It involves a type of arithmetic that links to augury, the prophecies that have been tied to sightings of Mothman. Whether factual or not, a psychological pattern has emerged, almost in a folkloric sense, related to a specific numeral that routinely appears in the Mothman story.

"Prophecies," of course, are important parts of the Mothman tale, and the motion picture version of The Mothman Prophecies extended the "banshee" elements of the story. The movie was fiction based on a true story. Some of its enhancements created greater fictions.

Dates, disasters, and deaths do dwell along the edges of this story. But we can be openly skeptical of many portions of what we are being told. 

As I said to Micah Hanks in 2010:
John Keel and I openly discussed with the media, and did our best to straighten out the record regarding the mythos that became the Chernobyl “Mothman” accounts.
The Chernobyl story, the Galveston Hurricane-Mothman tie-in, and other examples given in the 2002 movie were pure fiction....Right after the movie was released, various websites posted the Chernobyl/Mothman sightings as factual. But there is not one thread of evidence that any winged weirdies were witnessed before the Chernobyl accident.
It is a bit of movie fiction that has, unfortunately, moved into pseudo-factoid cryptozoology.
What facts are behind the fiction?

Beyond the synchrocinematic mischief, nevertheless, most people know there is Mothman math that authentically revolves around the number "13."

In my 2002 book, Mothman and Other Curious Encounters, I looked at how 13 months after the "first" sighting of Mothman on November 15, 1966, the "prophecy" implied in the title The Mothman Prophecies occurred. This happened when the Silver Bridge collapsed as the White House Christmas tree lights were illuminated on December 15, 1967.
The number 13 is considered an unlucky number in some countries. The end of the Mayan calendar's 13th Baktun was superstitiously feared as a harbinger of the apocalyptic 2012 phenomenon. Fear of the number 13 has a specifically recognized phobia, Triskaidekaphobia, a word coined in 1911. The superstitious sufferers of triskaidekaphobia try to avoid bad luck by keeping away from anything numbered or labelled thirteen. As a result, companies and manufacturers use another way of numbering or labelling to avoid the number, with hotels and tall buildings being conspicuous examples (thirteenth floor). It's also considered unlucky to have thirteen guests at a table. Friday the 13th has been considered an unlucky day. Source.
In my new 2017 book, Mothman: Evil Incarnate, I document how the number 13 plays a deeper part in the Mothman timeline. The first sighting, the collapse of the Silver Bridge, and when Mary Hyre died all tie into the number 13 in the Mothman melodrama.

Thirteen months after the "first" Mothman sighting (Nov 15, 1966), the Silver Bridge collapsed (Dec 15, 1967). The only problem is that the Scarberry-Mallette encounter of November 15, 1966, was the "first" sighting that showed up in the media. There were other sightings that occurred before that one. But the November date is retained as the "first" and thus exactly 13 months to the day, the bridge came down. As I mention in my book (due out on the 50th anniversary of the Silver Bridge collapse), "Mothman math" figures into other links.

For instance, I extend this through my Mary Hyre entry (#47 of #100, in my section on the "The Mothman Death List") that I reproduce here from the new book:

The complex use of "Mothman math" as a yardstick for measuring these events, involving the number 13, has now (via comments online) been applied to the new Chicago Mothman sightings.

How should we look at the dates involved?

In my research on the most recent series of Chicago "Mothman" sightings, the first media-acknowledged encounter, report, and story is dated to April 7, 2017. But by July 2017, it was becoming commonly accepted the real (unpublished) initial sighting was on March 22, 2017.

Therefore, by traditional "Mothman math," the predicted 13-month date for a Chicago-based disaster event would be May 7, 2018.

However, I would not wish to tempt fate with a series of elevator tours of the Chicago skyscrapers on April 22, 2018. As students of terrorism understand, double-number dates like 11 & 22 have been especially attractive to terrorists in the modern era.

Should we look at older dates linked to "Mothman sightings," and apply Mothman math to them, to test the auguric arithmetic?

Lon Strickler tells me that the first date for the 2011 little-known series of Chicago Mothman encounters was June 29, 2011.

What happened on July 29, 2012, thirteen months after the Chicago incident?
Tropical Storm Khanun killed 88 people and left 60,000 homeless in North Korea.

(Between the 2011 date and the technical start of the newest Chicago Mothman series on April 7, 2017, I must note a tragedy touched primary investigator Lon Stickler. He lost his wife of 33 years, Vanessa, who passed away on November 7, 2015, of cancer. It was exactly 17 months between November 7, 2015, and April 7, 2017.)

Another case to examine is what the late Mark Chorvinsky (who died July 16, 2005), editor of Strange Magazine, called the "Potomac Mothman." 

On July 27, 1944, at 8:30 pm, Father J. M. Johnson, pastor of St. John's Church in Hollywood, Maryland, saw in the sky "the outspread form of a huge man with wings."

What date would have been 13 months after the "Potomac Mothman" sighting? That would have been August 27, 1945.

What happened on August 27, 1945?
The Texas hurricane made landfall near Seadrift, Texas. The storm resulted in three fatalities and $20 million in damage.
The first United States Navy carrier plane touches down on Japanese soil, at Honshu/Atsugi Airdrome. The American occupation begins.

Will a disaster happen on May 7, 2018? Or on April 22, 2018? In Chicago? Elsewhere? A tornado? Only time will tell? But certainly, those who use Mothman math may be on the lookout.


The Mothman Wiki has an entry that reinforces this Mothman Math:
Some consider the Mothman legend to be associated with the number 13:
The Original Point Pleasant WV Mothman reports started in November 1966 and ended in December 1967 with the collapse of The Silver Bridge. This makes it a 13 month period of strange events.
The Silver Bridge Collapsed because of the faulty 13th steel pin eyebar.
The name Point Pleasant has 13 letters in it.
The most polluted pond in The TNT Area , where many of the sightings took place, was pond 13.
The Men In Black were reported to have been harassing witnesses and telling them not to talk about The Mothman. The phrase "The Men In Black" has 13 letters in it.
The name Mothman Museum has 13 letters in it.
The maiden name of Mothman witness Linda Scarberry is Linda McDaniel which contains 13 letters.
Linda Scarberry claimed to have seen the Mothman on her roof when she lived on 13th street.
The name of Mothman witness Steve Mallette has 13 letters in it.
The name of Mothman witness Kenneth Duncan has 13 letters in it.
The name of Mothman witness Mabel McDaniel has 13 letters in it.
The name of Mothman witness Katluyn Beaver has 13 letters in it.
Everett Wedge was with four other pilots during his sighting, the name of one was Ernie Thompson which contains 13 letters.
Faye Dewitt-Leport is said to have had her encounter with the Mothman at the age of 13.
Owner of the Mothman Diner and prominent Point Pleasant local, Carolin Harris, also has 13 letters in her name.
The 2017 documentary The Mothman of Point Pleasant was directed by Seth Breedlove, who has 13 letters in his name.
Both the phrase "West Virginian" and "The Ohio Valley" have 13 letters in them.
Artist Frank Frazetta did cover art for The Mothman Prophecies, he also has 13 letters in his name.
In relation to the Indrid Cold story, the term "Parkersburg WV" and "Mr. Derenberger" have 13 letters in them.
John Keel, the main investigator of the Mothman suffered a non-lethal heart attack and was hospitalized on Friday, October 13th 2006.
13 people died in The Mississippi River Bridge Collapsed in 2007 after a sighting of the Mothman.
The number 26 is divisible by 13, It is 13 x 2, a set of two thirteens:
There are 26 sightings on John Keel's Mothman sightings list printed in his book, Strange Creatures From Time And Space.
Mary Hyre died on February 15th 1970 which is 26 months after the The Silver Bridge Collapse.
Three Mothman sightings are said to have taken place on November 26th 1966. The witnesses are: Ruth Foster in St. Albans WV, Marvin Shock and Ewing Tilton in Cat Creek Ohio, Women and Thirteen year old child in Charleston WV. Source.

Obtain the above two books by Loren Coleman, here.

The table of Contents of Mothman: Evil Incarnate.

by Mark A. Hall, Introduction by Loren Coleman

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Sutherland Springs

We live in the times of the myth of Alex Jones’ and Fox TV’s Antifa Apocalypse on November 4, 2017, while real outbreaks of violence continue to catch our attention.

sMiles writes:
"So with the internet rumors that yesterday was supposed to be the start of conflagrations between AntiFa / Alt-Right actors ... having seen some sort of political parade downtown yesterday, then a couple streets over I saw a handful of Open Carry activists with their Assault Rifles (snapped a picture of them) ... I was surprised to read this morning about this crazy incident in North Austin" See, Four injured after multiple highway shootings, suspect in custody.

I did note the bizarre incident with Senator Rand Paul on the 4th too. See here.

Now comes Sunday, November 5th. 

In 1605. Guy Fawkes is arrested and the Gunpowder Plot is revealed.

Remember, remember,
The Fifth of November,
Gunpowder treason and plot;
For I see no reason
Why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.

In 1990, Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the far-right Kach movement, is shot dead after a speech at a New York City hotel.

In 2009, U.S. Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan murders 13 and wounds 32 at Fort Hood, Texas in the deadliest mass shooting at a U.S. military installation.

And in 2017:

According to multiple witnesses, several people have been shot at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs (population 680). One account says a 2-year-old was shot.

People are reporting 20 shots were heard.

Police and emergency crews responded to shots fired in the 200 block of 4th Street in Sutherland Springs, Texas. This is about 30 miles from San Antonio, down the road from the Alamo.

Reports indicate the shooter is dead.

Apparently, at least, 27 people have been killed.

There appears to be some awareness of a "haunted house" for Sutherland Springs, Texas.

From Wikipedia, at Sutherland Springs, Texas, "Haunted House 1936."

Rand Warren

A sitting United States senator apparently was assaulted while mowing his lawn by a neighbor.

Where it happened: Warren County, Kentucky.

Warren County became the 23rd county of Kentucky in 1796, from a section of Logan County. It was named after General Joseph Warren of the Revolutionary War. He dispatched William Dawes and Paul Revere on their famous midnight ride to warn residents of the approaching British troops. He was also a hero of the Battle of Bunker Hill, Charlestown, Massachusetts.

The subject of the attack: Rand Paul.

That TMZ would use the above image of Senator Rand Paul to accompany the story of the attack against him, even if allegedly taken from the news conference about the assault, appears to be a form of visual editorializing.

Friday, November 03, 2017

Death Decoding

An apron. On the Home Depot rental truck.

A checkerboard. On the shirt.

A number. Nineteen dollars. 19 -> 91. Shades of 911.

A square. So many to choose from. Like Times Square.

A tower. Near the old site of the Twin Towers.

A date. Halloween. 31 October 2017.

It is not that the decoding arrives at a Masonic link to ISIS, but more correctly, it is the harmonics found in the Masonic worldview that realizes a pattern revealed.

The driver in Tuesday's attack barreled along the West Side Hudson River bike path in a rented Home Depot truck for the equivalent of about 14 blocks, or around eight-tenths of a mile, before slamming into a small yellow school bus. The mayhem and the burst of police gunfire set off panic in the neighborhood and left the pavement strewn with mangled bicycles and bodies that were soon covered with sheets.

Read more here:

Police said Sayfullo Saipov rented the truck at about 2 p.m. in New Jersey, entering the bike path about an hour later on West Street a few blocks from the new World Trade Center, the site of the deadliest terror attack in U.S. history. The truck then turned at Chambers Street, one street from Warren, hitting the school bus and injuring two adults and two children.

The carnage left eight dead. And eleven injured. That is 19.

The planned Halloween Parade for Greenwich Village took place, with extra security.

Read more here:

Another copycat car ramming. Vehicles are the terrorists' weapons of choice of late, in urban settings.

Awareness should be heightened on dates of significance. 

Upcoming: 11.11.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Prometheus / 2049

A scene from Blade Runner 2049 (
Warner Brothers) compared visually to the opening of Prometheus. And the internal past/future of that story.

Ridley Scott appears to have revealed a clue to the links between the Blade Runner universe in the Prometheus saga in the new 2049 film.

Scott said in 2015 that the next Prometheus film will be called Alien: Paradise Lost.

John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost details the Biblical story of the fall of man, the temptation of Adam and Eve by Satan, and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden.

The original Prometheus was a prequel to the first Alien film, which Scott directed back in 1979.

The two Blade Runner films take place in 2019 and 2049.

There are deep layers of a story way beyond Blade Runner 2049 that will be revealed and unfolding for years. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend you view it on the big screen, while you can.

The predictive nature of science fiction films is well known. Blade Runner 2049 may have had a precognitive insight beyond the human imagination.

More on that in the future....

Needless to say, read Goro and Christopher Knowles too.